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Sash vs. Casement Windows: The Differences and Advantages

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If you’re looking to invest in new windows for your home, then you will need to decide between a sash or casement window. Both have advantages, but whichever you choose, always use the same design throughout your home.

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Your choice will be based on personal preference, but understanding the differences and comparing the two will help you decide.

The Difference

A casement window comes with hinges that allows it to swing open, and they often come in pairs which open away from one another, similar to double-doors. A casement window will also feature a crank handle which doubles as a window lock and ensures the window is locked in place when open.

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Sash Windows

Sash windows became very popular in the Georgian era and remained so well into Victorian times. Sash windows consist of one or more panels which slide on top of one another to create an opening. Most commonly, the panels move vertically, but horizontal-opening sash windows are available.

Companies such as have a wide selection of sash and casement windows to choose from. Victorian-inspired property is very much sought after.


A casement window is energy-efficient, as they come with a tight seal around the edges, although modern sash windows also have effective seals. They offer a contemporary look which is perfect for modern homes and are available in a range of materials and also offer greater security as the lock is embedded into the frame. If you are small, taller windows are easy to open and close, as you won’t need to reach to fully extend them as you would with a sash window. One of the biggest advantages of a casement window is that the large glass panels provide an unobstructed view, letting in the maximum amount of light.

The advantage of a sash window is that they are convenient when opening, especially if there is an obstruction in front of the window, such as a kitchen sink.

Sash windows also have fewer moving parts than a casement window so are less likely to malfunction and are the choice of homeowners who own traditional properties. Another advantage of sash windows is they don’t require any space outside the window to open, so if your home is built up against a wall, then sash windows will be your best option.

Six great kitchen flooring ideas

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In many homes, it’s the kitchen that is the heart of family life, so it deserves to look stylish and amazing from top to bottom. Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen can make all the difference to how it looks and how it feels, so if yours needs a bit of a makeover, take a look at these six exciting ideas for inspiration.

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1. Porcelain tiles

These are easy to clean and are designed to look like stone or granite for a rustic look, which can be enhanced by mixing up the sizes of tiles laid. The cool feel suits a warm kitchen designed in a traditional country style.

2. Paint the floor

If you have stripped back and sanded the floorboards in a very modern kitchen, an alternative to staining is paint. Whether you choose crisp white or something bolder, it’s easy to match your kitchen’s floor to your colour scheme.

3. Slate

Nothing screams natural and authentic like huge pieces of slate, with its naturally rough edges and uneven finishes. It’s smooth to walk on and easy to care for if you choose good-quality slate, which is quite expensive.

4. Laminate flooring

The most flexible and affordable option, modern laminate boasts designs that realistically mimic most other floor coverings. It’s also easy to clean and very comfortable if you are standing or walking on it a lot. An added bonus is that it doesn’t always need an expert to fit it. Specialist sellers such as offer a great range for you to browse through.

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5. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles come in such a good range of colours that it’s easy to find something you like that will complement your kitchen units and general colour scheme. Choosing two sympathetic shades is an easy way to add interest to a large floor space, or you could fly the flag for personal flair and go for something with a very vibrant pattern if that matches your kitchen style better. These tiles are generally water-resistant but can be easily damaged if they come into contact with a sharp object.

6. Wooden floors

Undoubtedly beautiful and a good long-term investment, wooden floors don’t do well in rooms with very high humidity. They can be an option for kitchens if they’re properly protected and any spills or stains are dealt with quickly.

The best ways to clean your double glazed windows

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Clean windows can really transform your home or commercial premises, but with so many tips, products and equipment available to help you get the job done, it can be difficult to know where to start – until now. To help you out, here are a few top methods to make bringing the gleam back to your glass as easy as possible.

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Whether you’re shining up your Dublin windows and doors or the glass in your London penthouse, newspaper is great for the job. Team it with an environmentally-friendly cleaning product and use it instead of paper towel before putting it into your recycle bin. Great for your glass and the environment.

Soap and water

Forget vinegar – it’s not as good as some ‘old wives’ would have you believe and instead plump for old-fashioned soap and water. Just remember to rinse well if you want a shine.

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Jeweller’s rouge

This isn’t the most common of tips but it really works, so if you accidentally get a scratch on your new windows and doors from the likes of, get your hands on some jeweller’s rouge. Combine with a little elbow grease and your glass can become as good as new once again. Simply wet your rouge and apply it to glass using a soft cloth. Rub and rub some more and eventually that scratch will begin to disappear.

Electric window cleaners

Electric appliances are abundant these days so pick up the likes of the Goodqol Cordless Window Cleaner to help you restore the shine with the minimum amount of mess, effort and fuss.

Window cleaner spray

These are far from revolutionary but they can really take the hard work out of cleaning your windows and doors. If you’re concerned about the planet, however, you may want to consider what products you choose. Read more about eco cleaning on the Guardian website at

Non-mechanical equipment

If you prefer a traditional approach to window cleaning but you still like the idea of reducing the amount of elbow grease needed or enabling you to get to those hard to reach areas, there is kit out there to help you out. You may want to consider a telescopic window cleaner, for example, or a simple squeegee will undoubtedly help with the job.

How to Maintain Your Oiled Wood Floor

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An oiled wooden floor is a wonderful asset to any home and should be maintained and cleaned correctly. However, the maintenance of an oiled wood floor is actually affordable, simple and a swift process.

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It may seem like a daunting undertaking, but check out our guide below for some useful tips.

Frequent Maintenance

Firstly, clean the floor using a natural cleaning soap. Simply add 100ml of the soap to 5ltr of water before using a damp cloth to apply rather than large quantities of water. If you’re dealing with a very soiled floor, mix up to 250ml of the soap with the same quantity of water. The floor will be ready for everyday use once it dries; this usually takes 10-20 minutes.

To avoid warping the wood or damaging the overall finish, avoid using steam cleaners or bleach on your oiled wood floor.

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Special Maintenance

Periodically, your floor, even engineered flooring such as those found at, will require re-oiling. If your floor experiences normal domestic traffic, you should aim to re-oil the floor at least once per annum. You may notice the following:

• A build-up of dirt
• Scratches on the floor
• A dry appearance or feel
• The grain is more obvious to feel

If so, use the steps below to re-oil your floor:

1) Conduct a regular clean (as outlined above) to start the process. Once the floor is dry, use a brush (you can also use a lint-free cloth or roller) to spread a thin layer of maintenance oil on the surface.
2) Repeat this process after 20-45 minutes and leave again for an additional 20-45 minutes.
3) Either by machine or simply by hand, buff any surplus oil into the wood using a red nylon-pad. For more information on choosing the appropriate nylon pads for a job, see–10101.
4) Next, clear away any excess oil to deter a sticky residue from building on the wood.
5) Leave for 4-6 hours before repeating the buffering process to create a gorgeous satin surface.
6) Before permitting domestic use to recommence, leave the floor for a further 24 hours to allow the wood to cure. During the succeeding seven days, the floor will build its water resistance, but be sure to clear away any spillages that might occur promptly.



Terms And Conditions

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