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BrightStarNearYou Photo Gallery 8

I linguist Ukrainian language and literature ! I am a instructor in the college, I like what I do ! I like to analyze Ukrainian language ! I am a correct patriot of my country, I like and respect Ukrainian customs and traditions, and I know a lot about them ! I admire all those who were being my ancestors ! I still believe that that the Ukrainian individuals are a nation of Cossacks ! I like expending time in the firm of educated individuals ! Also I have yet another passion in life – it really is a theater ! I play in the troupe! I continue on to improve my abilities in performing ! I would be really content to exhibit you my expertise! I believe that that every single human being ought to cultivate and acquire! This is just a smaller piece of the iceberg of my life. You want to see what is hidden in the depths ? Then open me like a book and study !

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