How Identity Fraud Is Affecting Motor Finance

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The ability to purchase a car on finance is popular amongst motorists who are unable to buy a vehicle outright and prefer instead to pay it off in regular installments. However, with fraudsters becoming more sophisticated in the way they obtain personal data, and the ease of applying for finance online, it means that application fraud has seen a dramatic increase.

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How is motor finance fraud committed?

With motor finance fraud seeing an increase of 47% between 2015 and 2017, it seems that it is becoming easier for fraudsters to take out finance packages in someone else’s name. One of the main reasons this is becoming more common is due to the ways in which essential information is gathered.

Whilst hacking may be one of the ways in which personal data is obtained, those intent on signing up to card finance will try their luck at phishing. By pretending to be a reputable company such as a bank or utilities provider, they will attempt to con you out of your personal information, such as date of birth and even bank details, in a ruse to gain enough information to use your identity.

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Once they have your information, they may then create fake documentation to allow finance to be taken out without question. Recently, a group of fraudsters were sentenced for doing just that, including forging fake utility bills and wage slips.

Those requiring motor trade insurance may also be affected by fraudsters who look to take out multiple policies in order to make a fraudulent claim. Always obtain your insurance from a reputable source, such as Quote me today, and ensure that you are covered for all eventualities.

How to combat finance fraud

If you are looking into purchasing a car on finance, it is important to be patient. One of the reasons fraudsters are able to take out finance is due to the demand for quick application confirmations. Dealers often see an influx of finance applications with continuous minor details changed each time an application has been denied, in order for a fraudster to find the right combination for a successful application.

The efforts that fraudsters go to are now prompting the urgent requirement of more thorough anti-fraud solutions, without the need for quick finance for genuine motorists being disrupted.

What to Consider Before Renting Space for Your Event

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Several factors come into play when considering a space to rent for your event. The nature of the event, the number of expected attendees, are very vital while considering a space to rent. Security and accessibility also matter a lot. Also, the price of the space vis-a-vis other services offered before, during and after the event should play a central role. The bottom line is to get value for your money while at the same time make your event successful and memorable.

Number of Guests and the Size of the Venue

Before renting a space for your event, one should consider the number of guests. If the number is large, so should space. A larger group would need an outdoor space like a garden. Events such as weddings and music concerts would do well in an open-air space. If the number is small, then an intimate space is ideal. A business meeting between top executives of a company requires a small meeting room. All-staff meeting needs a larger meeting room which is well-ventilated.

Nature of Event and Its Decorations

Nature of the event also determines which type of rental space is suitable. A spoken word event will do well in a theatre. A family gathering or book club meeting will do well in a well-ventilated room. While doing your research for rental space, make sure to check the decorations as well. Artistic decorations on the walls and the set-up of the stage should commensurate with the spirit of your event. Will you need to use a projector? Is the space ideal for projecting on a second screen? A book club meeting will do well with a mixture of lounge seating and pillow seating.

Services Which Come with the Space

Consider services offered by the owner of the space. This is another important factor that you must consider. Will the space come with meals? Which types of meals? Does it have internet connections? How about the booking process? Is it a long and cumbersome process? An excellent rental space should have an easy booking process. Make sure to take note of the services offered before, during and after the event.

Do Some Research and Make Comparisons

Always do a little research before settling on a particular rental space for your event. Because of the stiff competition, most event space rentals san francisco try to outdoor each other. Take advantage of this and compare their prices. You can research online for best rental spaces and also check their reviews and ratings; you would hate to experience an unforeseen circumstance. Reviews from websites can assist you in making a sound decision.

Security Features and Accessibility

Lastly, you need to consider the security details of the space. You do not want some uninvited guests to interrupt your event. The venue should also be easy to access. Insecure venues and difficult-to-locate venues usually register low turn-out. Whether it is out of town or in the CBD, always make sure that those attending your event are safe.


Things to Look at When Hiring an Event Planner for Your Party

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Planning events is not an easy task. Therefore, people hire a planner to assist take care of the different logistics to focus on accomplishing their primary objectives. When discussing event planning companies, every firm has a different style as well as statistics used to help your party run smoothly. However, some aspects set an excellent event planner from the experienced ones. Below are some of the five points you should be aware of before hiring an event planner.

Consider the Creativity of the Planner

If you want to have an exceptional party, then you should work with more than a typical event planner. Perhaps you should consider hiring one with a stellar reputation when it comes to excellence especially in developing creative ideas. Moreover, the best event planners always think outside the box in order to assist you to take your party to that next level.

Work with a Team that is Detail Driven

When discussing event planning, no detail is slightly too small. With that said it is crucial to work with an event planning firm that has a detail-oriented team. This team should also be able to go an extra mile and make sure that everything in your party runs smoothly. Attention to detail as well as logistics marks the difference between hosting a common event and an event that every attendee will talk about years later.

Work with an Event Planner that is Timely and Can Deliver

An event planner can implement a high profile and well-attended event in the industry. But, if one does not fit your budget or requirements, they will not serve you appropriately. Hire an event planner that has vast experience in planning events within your budget constraints. Ensure that they insist on open communication for them to understand what you need.

Look for a Team Player

Even though you would want your party planners to handle most of the work, they are not in charge of running the show. For that reason, your input is always invaluable as you want to ensure that you are working with an event planner that considers your opinions and thoughts. Think of the planner as a teammate and partner then work with someone who is ready to coordinate your activities.

Consider the Planner’s Location

Location is important. Therefore, you should consider the distance, and the location of your event planner as this determines if you will need a rental stage in the long run. If the planner does not attend events around locality often, then they will not serve as well as the ones who are within your region. Try and find a planner who understands your venue including the kitchens and dining rooms.

With the money, time, as well as energy and other resources spent on planning, peace of mind remains one of the most significant rewards that the event planner can offer. Your company should coordinate with a team that is prepared to oversee all the aspects of your event. Doing so will result in a memorable event.

Considerations in Using Metal Bonding Adhesives

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Metal bonding adhesives are popular in the automotive and aeronautic industries and are increasingly used in home DIY projects too. Metal bonding adhesives are a simple, fuss-free alternative to more traditional metal joinery methods such as welding or rivets. But despite the many clear advantages, there are always some considerations you need to make before you get started. So what considerations do you need to think about when using metal bonding adhesives? Let’s take a closer look.

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Surface Preparation

Excellent surface preparation when using a metal bonding adhesive can mark the difference between a long-lasting strong joint and one that doesn’t quite get the job done. Your surface needs to be completely clean, free of dust, debris, paint and moisture. You also need to ensure that there is no rusting (corrosion) on the metal. At the same time, some rust prevention methods such as oils can further stop the adhesive from working. This means you should avoid rust prevention oils or products, and should rust occur prior to using an adhesive, then simply remove it with a wire brush tool to reveal a shiny layer of strong metal.

Does It Require a More Traditional Bonding Method?

The advantages of metal bonding adhesives are well documented and include the fact that it is cheaper, less labour-intensive, stronger, faster, cleaner, less visible, practically weightless and perfect for bonding irregular shapes of metal. That being said, it does have some limitations, and that includes the fact that joints cannot be disassembled easily once the bond has been made. A key consideration is whether you will need to disassemble the joints and break the bond at a later point, in which case riveting may be a better option.

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Getting a Good Adhesive

The demand for metal adhesives is booming, especially in the automotive and aeronautic industries, which are realising its many benefits in comparison to traditional methods. An increase in demand, as always, means inferior products end up flooding the market, so ensure that you purchase a proven high-quality adhesive from an established adhesive manufacturer such as

Metal-to-metal adhesive outperforms traditional metal joining methods in almost every way. Do, however, remember these key considerations before you start using a metal adhesive so that you can achieve the perfect bond every single time.

Dressing for your body type

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For many years men have assumed that dressing for their body type was something that only women had to consider, but it turns out it is a concept that both sexes should embrace!

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Everyone can benefit from dressing in a way that suits their shape, regardless of whether they are short and stocky, rocking a dad bod or tall and lithe. They say clothes maketh the man, but in truth, it’s the style, fit, colour and design of the clothes that do.

Identifying your body type

Everyone seems to be a fashion expert these days but before you start looking at what’s trendy you need to determine what your shape is and be honest about it.

Once you have determined what shape you are you can start looking at what will really suit you, and you can work with simple rules, such as vertical stripes add length, to the more complex, such as how unstructured double-breasted jackets widen the torso to make it appear proportional to the shoulders.

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Important tips to remember

When choosing clothing it is important to remember that anything tight, fitted or skinny elongates, but you need to be relatively slim to pull this look off too. Often, skim cut rather than skinny is a better choice, especially if you don’t want to appear disproportionate in your bottom half.

When it comes to shirts, the collar is crucial, as is where you button it up to. Long collars elongate and can look dated too, but opening the top buttons and showing just a little neck – not a lot of chest – gives the illusion of width. Farah shirts like those available at are a great option for almost every build as they can be buttoned up or kept closed as desired, and look good on all body types.

If you are on the smaller side and want to bulk up a bit, wearing layers always helps. You can layer a T-shirt with a shirt over, and a waistcoat or a jacket in order to add weight, and for added depth, you can work in shades of the same colour, or contrasting tones. Remember that this also works in reverse, so if you’re looking to slim down, sick to one layer in a dark colour to create a slimmer silhouette.

It is in the food we eat, pencils we write with and jewellery we wear.

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As we go about our day to day lives we are blissfully unaware of how many of the products we use, eat and wear along with our entire biological existence we have to attribute to the element Carbon!

Carbon is thought to be the fourth most common element in the universe and is also in almost all biological elements of our bodies, everything from our organs to our cells contain carbon. In actual fact around 20% of the weight of any organism is attributed to carbon. If you remember studying the periodic table at school you will know that the chemical symbol for carbon is C and as well as being a non-metal (meaning it can bond with itself and numerous other compounds), it has a boiling temperature of 3825 degrees Celsius and a melting point of -3550 degrees Celsius.

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Carbon essentially exists naturally in types structure types – diamond, graphite and amorphous.

Diamond – consists of carbon atoms that have been under immense pressures and temperatures. These environmental effects along with the carbon atoms arrangement is what makes the beautiful jewels that we see in Diamond Rings throughout the world like the ones you can find at These natural diamonds are located deep within the earths core and are brought nearer to the surface, where they are mined, through kimberlite pipes. These are pipes of intense volcanic activity. Diamonds are amongst one of the hardest natural substances and have high thermal conductivity.

Graphite – consists of carbon that has atoms arranged in a slightly different arrangement to that of diamonds. Graphite is almost at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to diamond in that is thought to be amongst the softest natural substance known to man and instead of being a great thermal conductor it is in fact an electrical conductor.

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