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Who Knew a Lap Tray Could be so Useful?

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Travelling in the car for long distances can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re keeping children or passengers entertained. The novelty of watching the world go by can soon where off if you’ve been sat for hours in the car or stuck in slow congestion. That is why every car journey should include a lap try. If you’ve ever tried to do anything in a moving car, you know it’s not easy and can often end up being rather messy! Here are some things that become much easier when you have a lap tray to lean on:

Arts and crafts – Whether a passenger wants to engage in a crafty hobby to while away the hours or you have kids in the back to entertain, doing any kind of arty or crafty activity becomes a doddle when you have a hard and steady surface to lean on.

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Travelling with children – Set your kids up with a backseat organiser and some supplies to keep them occupied throughout the journey. They will love having their own dedicated space for all their bits and pieces. Include colouring and puzzle books, crayons and felt tips, reading books, paper to draw on, magazines and even a portable DVD player to watch. They can get to work on a Car lap tray from They’ll be having so much fun that they won’t want to reach their destination!

Map reading – Even if you rely on modern GPS, some of us still like to work with an old-fashioned map of where we’re going. Having a surface to lean on will make light work of locating your whereabouts and prevent the hassle of wrestling with unruly folded pages!

Doing crosswords – If you’re an avid puzzler, why not while away the motorway hours by testing your brain with some crosswords. Rather than struggling with trying to balance the book on your knee or thighs, a lap tray will leave you comfortable and able to focus on the puzzling task at hand.

Work – If you can’t take a break from work, then at least do it in comfort. A lap top becomes much more user-friendly and ergonomically improved when risen slightly so we don’t have to hunch over so much to use it. A tray will also prevent your lap from absorbing all the heat from the laptop.

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Breakfast in bed – It’s not just in the car where a lap tray comes in handy. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can take it easy by treating yourself or the driver to a delicious breakfast in bed. Lap trays are also ideal for celebrating special occasions with breakfast in bed, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

TV dinner – If the thought of eating in bed leaves you cold, then why not indulge in a cheeky bite to eat in front of the TV one night? Whilst we know it’s beneficial for families to sit together to eat, there’s no harm in the occasional veg out in front of Saturday night TV with something quick and delicious on a lap tray.

The Animals Living Day to Day in Freezing Conditions

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Human beings have developed in some many ways in an evolutionary way, socially and in terms of medical and technological advancements. We are now in a position where we can manipulate our environments to suit our needs and are no longer at the mercy of the elements. We have created everything from umbrellas to keep us out of the rain, houses that withstand the effects of the external environment and heating systems that keep us warm in the colder months. We have dedicated people like Gloucester Emergency Plumber company who keep all of our systems that can be affected during the cold weather running effectively and providing us with peace of mind if an emergency happens.

There are animals that live in some of the coldest and far reaching areas of the world without the technology that we have and each of these has adapted in ways that physiologically allow them to survive on a day to day basis. Here are some of those such animals:

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Leopard Seals – Much like other seals in the world these creatures spend their time both on land and in water where they hunt for their prey. Leopard Seals live in the Antarctic region and it is their thick layer of blubber located below the surface of their skin that helps keep their core temperature steady whilst they are lying on the thick ice or swimming around in the freezing cold waters.

Snow Leopards – These beautiful but no endangered animals can be found in the mountain regions of Central Asia. They are a part of the wider feline family with their main difference to many of the others being their long flexible tail that they use to steady themselves whilst navigating the rocky terrain. Their extremities such as their tails, ears and paws are covered with a thick luscious fur that helps to minimise the heat lost from their bodies. The large amounts of fur on their legs and stomachs allow them to walk for long periods of time in the deep snow without feeling the effects of the freezing temperatures.

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Arctic Hares – As the name would suggest these Hares live in the Arctic region and much like other rabbits they huddle together in groups to create a collective warmth between them. Their bodies are adapted to the colder temperatures with shorter ears and thicker fur coats which both help them to maintain their body temperature. Whilst living in predominately snowy conditions it can be hard for these hares to find their species typical food sources, so they have adapted their diets to include willow twigs and other woody plants which they dig out from beneath the snow. The hares fur changes colour with the seasons with it become whiter during the winter which provides them with great camouflage against the white snow.


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The tiny but beautiful City-state of Monaco lies on the magical, majestic, magnificent, Mediterranean coastline of France.  Located on what’s known as The French Riviera, Monaco is famous for its large population of millionaires, casinos and of course The Grand prix.  Formula 1’s infamous and prestigious annual car race held on the streets of the City itself.  The race circuit takes six weeks to be constructed and three weeks to dismantle once the race has taken place.  The streets of Monaco are narrow and the race goes through tunnels, around tight, twisty corners and up and down hills.  If you’re interested in witnessing this incredible spectacle for yourself then perhaps F1 Hospitality Monaco or other companies could provide you with the answer to your accommodation and venue requirements. Do your research, check out  and other websites before you decide.

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The population of Monaco is mainly French and although the City only consists of an area 0.780 square miles it is the most densely populated Sovereign State in the World.  Prince Albert is head of State and he has great political power, huge economic developments have been made since the opening of the Country’s first casino.  The railway lines and services now running between Monaco and Paris have also had a massive influence on people travelling to and from France, Italy and Monaco.  The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo and there are plans in place to reclaim more land from the sea so that the ports can be extended to allow for the population to increase.

The hot-summers and subtropical climate in Monaco is conducive to its atmosphere of fun, wealth and playboy lifestyles.  The crystal clear turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea attracts the millionaires to bring their Super yachts to Monaco and the prestigious Monaco Yacht show remains the main event in the superyacht industry.

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Monte Carlo boasts the magnificent Prince’s palace, the grand, ornate Salle Garnier opera house, the Belle-epoque casino complex, luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and boutique shops.  There are many extraordinary gardens and green areas nestled amongst the incredible buildings including the Jardin Exotique de Monaco.  This stunning, beautiful botanical garden is located on a cliffside in Monaco, many of the plants found there were brought back from Mexico in the late 1860’s.  Situated on the Avenue Princess Grace and next to the Grimaldi Forum you will find a municipal park, 0.7 hectares in size called the Japanese Garden.  There you will discover a cascading waterfall, beautiful beach, a magnificent mountain, babbling brook and an incredible stylised Zen meditation garden.  Who wouldn’t want to come to such an incredible place like Monaco, fabulous fashion, casinos, millionaires, superyachts, blue sea and sunny climate.

Ideas for Keeping Your Warehouse Clean

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If you work in a warehouse and want to ensure that your employees are productive, you must make sure that the warehouse is kept clean. Warehouses are very large and as they have an open space layout, it is very easy for them to get messy.

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Here are a few tips to help you keep your warehouse clean.

Clean on the go

You should have a cleaning schedule to make sure that the warehouse is cleaned regularly, but it can also be useful to get employees to clean as they go; after all, mess can build up quickly. If you only clean the warehouse in the evenings, it could be quite messy in the afternoon. This may not seem like a big deal, but the mess can make your employees less productive; in addition, it makes it harder to do a proper clean later.

Use open shelves

It can also be useful to use open shelves – shelves without doors – so you can immediately see inside. Specialist warehouse providers such as recommend that you use heavy-duty industrial shelving Ireland to hold products, as this means employees can immediately see exactly what they are looking for. Open shelves also encourage employees to be well-organised, as everyone can see the contents on the shelf.

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Empty bins frequently

Overflowing bins can easily spill onto the floor, so make sure that you empty the bins in your warehouse before they get too full. This will help to reduce the number of spills and mess on the floor of the warehouse, which not only helps to keep things clean but also helps to prevent employee accidents.

Make sure cleaning supplies are accessible

Your employees won’t be able to keep the warehouse clean if they don’t have cleaning equipment, so make sure they know where the cleaning supplies are kept. This will encourage them to clean the warehouse, especially if the cleaning supplies are nearby.

Use your inventory

You can use an inventory to make sure that none of the stock in your warehouse sits around for a long time. This will reduce the amount of dust that gathers in the warehouse, so the air will be cleaner. It also means that you won’t be spending lots of money storing stock for months!


How Does Digital Signage Improve The Customer Experience?

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Successful businesses need to do more now to enhance the in-shop customer experience if they are to grab shoppers’ attention. The problem is that as technology advances, people are becoming expert at deploying their own in-built filters to ignore many of these calls for attention. This is where digital sign board comes into its own, offering a cost-effective and successful way of not only enhancing your customer’s experience, but holding their interest also.

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Brand awareness

Digital signs enable companies to advertise things such as loyalty cards, promotions and discounts through cleverly placed sign boards. This is great for customers who might not have a lot of time to browse through every item on display, but want to know what is on offer and if it is relevant to them. The best way to do this is through exciting visuals targeting customers and making them feel as if the business is appealing to them specifically.

Make it stand out

With a digital sign, companies can advertise to their customers without them even realising it. Through the use of Quick Response coding customers can easily locate certain items and then be invited to log in on their phone. Once a customer has signed up to the firm’s webpage they can then receive updates, promotions and discounts adding even more to their shopping experience.

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Other things that firms can do with a digital sign are to include online reviews of certain brands. They can also use signage to give out expert advice on certain products or even advise customers on how they can enter into live chats with sales reps if they have questions that need answering. If a customer engages with a brand, they are more likely to use it again in the future.

Get to know your audience

According to 85% of people prefer to shop in physical stores. Different customers come at different times of the day. So the people shopping in the afternoon will be different from those shopping during the morning. The messages of your Digital Signage should reflect the difference of a shop’s customers.

With digital signs a shop can generate sales in-store at different times throughout the day via screens. These promotions, which are targeted specifically to certain customers, create a feeling of entitlement, making them more likely to come back.

A beautiful language and equally beautiful cuisine.

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French is renowned as a beautiful language and you will often see very sophisticated fashionable female characters in films depicted as having a French origin. Films that are set within the world of fashion will also often have strong key French characters.  But it is not just the language that France is well-known for.

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French cuisine is amongst one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world with many well-known chefs either originating from France or seeking experience within French restaurants and patisseries. These professional kitchens are a hive of activity with highly trained staff and business grade equipment such as a blast chiller and at least one commercial combi oven similar to those you can find on websites such as It is this equipment allowing for staff passion and knowledge to shine through the food produced in these restaurants. That means people travel from all over the world to taste food from some of the leading restaurants and country style patisseries.

Here are some of the top foods to try whilst in France:

  • Croque-monsieur – a French classic grilled sandwich of ham and cheese with a béchamel sauce. This can often be found on the menu of French café and brassieres. Those of you with even a basic grasp of the French language will have noticed the name includes ‘man’. So, is there a ‘female’ version of this sandwich?

Yes, there is but it contains the added ingredient of a fried egg on top!

  • Croissant – another French staple which has become just as popular in the United Kingdom. This versatile pastry can be served with butter and jam as a breakfast item and can also be filled with a variety of fillings, including ham, cheese and other savoury selections to give an alternative to your traditional sandwich.
  • Macarons – these delicate almond meringues have become popular with a variety of bakers and have spread across the globe. They are however, of French origin. They can be found in a variety of colours and flavours, but they always have a subtle almond flavouring and are traditional a two-bite sweet treat.

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  • Profiteroles – The definitive French classic dessert is profiteroles. These small morsels of choux pastry are filled with a custard style filling. This filling can be flavoured and coloured depending on the effect that the baker is looking for. Profiteroles are used in larger French classic desserts including, croquembouches. These statuesque towers comprise layers and layers of profiteroles stuck together with sugar to form a self-supporting dome.

Which of these have you tried, and which are on your must try list?