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As vintage and retro continue as home decor trends, old school radiators are back in fashion. Reassuringly chunky and reliable, these column style radiators ooze style and warmth.

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But a column radiator doesn’t just look good, it’s extremely effective at radiating heat thanks to the design. Made up of a series of different columns, heat is able to radiate through the different segments for superior performance to panel radiators.

The undeniable benefits of retro radiators

The unique design of column style radiators is back in fashion. Driven by nostalgia and the love of all things retro, these glamorous radiators can be styled to look classically traditional or sleek and contemporary.

But the benefits don’t stop there. In terms of sheer efficiency column radiators are ideal when you need to heat a large space. The column design delivers a far greater surface area than a panel radiator for greater heat outputs. Because the water holds the heat longer and is more evenly dispersed, you’ll also enjoy a more even radiant warmth.

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Another advantage of choosing a column radiator is the sheer range of styles, colours and sizes. Where panel radiators tend to be restricted to horizontal mounting, column radiators can be used to really maximise every square inch of wall space and to create a stunning focal point in any room in the house.

If you want to add designer style and unique personal taste to your interiors, a beautiful column rad may be just the way to achieve the effect you’re looking for. Eye-catching and sophisticated, this style of radiator has a timeless appeal and lends itself to grand halls or modern open plan spaces alike.

Things to consider

With so many advantages, it’s difficult to find any drawbacks to this type of radiator. However, there are a couple of things you need to consider before installing column rads in your home.

First, there’s the question of space. Although modern column style radiators have a smaller footprint than the traditional style they still take up far more space than a slimline panel radiator. Any objects obscuring your radiator may create a fire hazard and will inhibit its efficiency.

Then there’s the question of cleaning and maintenance. Removing dust and debris can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it to enjoy the efficiency and style of your column radiator.

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