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Metal bonding adhesives are popular in the automotive and aeronautic industries and are increasingly used in home DIY projects too. Metal bonding adhesives are a simple, fuss-free alternative to more traditional metal joinery methods such as welding or rivets. But despite the many clear advantages, there are always some considerations you need to make before you get started. So what considerations do you need to think about when using metal bonding adhesives? Let’s take a closer look.

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Surface Preparation

Excellent surface preparation when using a metal bonding adhesive can mark the difference between a long-lasting strong joint and one that doesn’t quite get the job done. Your surface needs to be completely clean, free of dust, debris, paint and moisture. You also need to ensure that there is no rusting (corrosion) on the metal. At the same time, some rust prevention methods such as oils can further stop the adhesive from working. This means you should avoid rust prevention oils or products, and should rust occur prior to using an adhesive, then simply remove it with a wire brush tool to reveal a shiny layer of strong metal.

Does It Require a More Traditional Bonding Method?

The advantages of metal bonding adhesives are well documented and include the fact that it is cheaper, less labour-intensive, stronger, faster, cleaner, less visible, practically weightless and perfect for bonding irregular shapes of metal. That being said, it does have some limitations, and that includes the fact that joints cannot be disassembled easily once the bond has been made. A key consideration is whether you will need to disassemble the joints and break the bond at a later point, in which case riveting may be a better option.

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Getting a Good Adhesive

The demand for metal adhesives is booming, especially in the automotive and aeronautic industries, which are realising its many benefits in comparison to traditional methods. An increase in demand, as always, means inferior products end up flooding the market, so ensure that you purchase a proven high-quality adhesive from an established adhesive manufacturer such as

Metal-to-metal adhesive outperforms traditional metal joining methods in almost every way. Do, however, remember these key considerations before you start using a metal adhesive so that you can achieve the perfect bond every single time.

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