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Truly Delia Smith has risen to be the First lady of Television Cooking. Ok don’t tell Mary Berry but she just concerns herself with baking nowadays Delia has been shaping and changing British cooking habits since she came onto the screen in the early nineteen seventies. Up until that point, with the exception of Fanny Craddock it was mainly men on tv working away at the Lincat LMR9 Medium Duty 6 Burner Gas Range Oven just like the ones that you can see at, very impressive too. Delia was perfect, she seemed like a real mum (although she’s never had children) and housewife who just happened to be very good at cooking and telling us how to do it.

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Her initial shows were pretty standard affairs. Called Family Fare; Delia in a kitchen, seemingly hers, going over a few recipes that she’d tried. What was great about it was that she seemed to be letting you in on a secret or she’d just invited you round of a cup of tea and chat. Rather than just tell you she’d taken it upon herself to show you as well. How lovely. Lovely was a well-chosen word as that is what people felt she was. Women thought of her as friend, and men, apparently quite fancied her a bit. Perhaps it was because she left school with no qualifications that she had no airs and graces. She started out her working life in hairdressing before moving on to travel agency work (which must have taught her presenting skills) and shop work. Following a move to London to seek her fortune she started out in small restaurant washing the dishes. Slowly as she gained in confidence the chefs allowed her to do a bit of cooking as well. Enthralled and enthused she took to readying about recipes in the British Museum Reading room, it being free and Smith fun time budget somewhat limited. She then tried the recipes she had learnt out on a family that she lodged with. They loved them.

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Her television career began as a food photographer. Her years in the restaurant and other roles had taught her what good looked like and how best to get the food to look appealing. A skill she was to utilise for many years. She became a food writer for the Daily Mirror and several other newspapers down through the years before landing regular job on Look East, a regional BBC programme, that was picked up by the network. This saw her on TV for the 1973 through to 2013 an incredible 40 years. She is retired now but still publishes recipes online.

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