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For many years men have assumed that dressing for their body type was something that only women had to consider, but it turns out it is a concept that both sexes should embrace!

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Everyone can benefit from dressing in a way that suits their shape, regardless of whether they are short and stocky, rocking a dad bod or tall and lithe. They say clothes maketh the man, but in truth, it’s the style, fit, colour and design of the clothes that do.

Identifying your body type

Everyone seems to be a fashion expert these days but before you start looking at what’s trendy you need to determine what your shape is and be honest about it.

Once you have determined what shape you are you can start looking at what will really suit you, and you can work with simple rules, such as vertical stripes add length, to the more complex, such as how unstructured double-breasted jackets widen the torso to make it appear proportional to the shoulders.

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Important tips to remember

When choosing clothing it is important to remember that anything tight, fitted or skinny elongates, but you need to be relatively slim to pull this look off too. Often, skim cut rather than skinny is a better choice, especially if you don’t want to appear disproportionate in your bottom half.

When it comes to shirts, the collar is crucial, as is where you button it up to. Long collars elongate and can look dated too, but opening the top buttons and showing just a little neck – not a lot of chest – gives the illusion of width. Farah shirts like those available at are a great option for almost every build as they can be buttoned up or kept closed as desired, and look good on all body types.

If you are on the smaller side and want to bulk up a bit, wearing layers always helps. You can layer a T-shirt with a shirt over, and a waistcoat or a jacket in order to add weight, and for added depth, you can work in shades of the same colour, or contrasting tones. Remember that this also works in reverse, so if you’re looking to slim down, sick to one layer in a dark colour to create a slimmer silhouette.

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