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It can be difficult to keep ‘feeding the beast’ of SEO, with small or single-person teams often responsible for producing great content, getting it out there to loyal readers, improving ranking in SERPs, and doing it all again with regular fresh articles.

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It can take weeks to turn around new content and your ranking can be affected; however, you can rely on these five ideas for content planning to boost your SEO.

1. Repackage and roundup

Look at what has worked well for your readers before, pulling together related posts or reintroducing older posts as ‘The best of …’.

2. Update

Do you have some new stats? Don’t start from scratch; instead, pull an article from your archive to include the latest figures, adding a ‘last updated on…’ note to improve your SEO ranking.

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3. Get quotes from experts

Get your colleagues and expert contacts involved by emailing them as a group to answer a question and using their quotes in an article. Let them know their quotes are featured and ask them to share on their social channels, as this will help with SEO ranking.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking the experts to do this, you could use London professional SEO services from agencies such as to support your SEO with content production.

4. Relevant links

You already read the news about your industry and keep up to date with the latest relevant ideas, so pull together your favourites into a roundup. This sort of link digest will position you well alongside industry commentators.

Using a tool such as Google Trends can be helpful, according to Search Engine Journal.

5. Make more out of one

Perhaps you have written an overview blog post that touched on lots of different topics. If so, break this down into a series of articles that can serve people who are looking for answers to specific questions. It will take less time to produce these smaller pieces than it would to start from scratch, as you will have already gathered so much knowledge for the first longer article.

With these five ideas in your repertoire, you will find content marketing planning and production a little easier and lot quicker in the future.

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