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Football fever has once again gripped the globe, thanks to the 2018 World Cup. To celebrate this footy frenzy, here are some weird and wonderful football world records:

Most Bottom Taps

This is where you tap the ball between your heel and your butt, keeping the ball balanced while your leg stays in the air! This skilful record was set in Brooklyn, New York in March 2012. Miki Agrawal completed an impressive 8 butt taps with a soccer ball in just 60 seconds.

Most Headers While Standing on One Leg

The highest number of consecutive headers while hopping on one leg record was set by Laurent Kelly in Nottingham, England in May 2015. A whopping 44 headers in a keepie uppie style were completed while balancing on one foot.

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Most Keepie Uppie Knee Touches

Laurent Kelly is a bit of a whizz with a ball it seems. He also holds the record for most consecutive knee touches in 1 minute. Completed in Nottingham in December 2017, Kelly achieved 155 knee touch keepie uppies in 60 seconds. He also holds the record for most consecutive knee touch keepie uppies whilst standing on one foot – 142. For practising your own soccer skills, take a look at Soccer Training Videos at

Longest Ball Balance on One Foot

The incredible balance of John Tunstill of Ontario, Canada saw him complete 16 minutes and 7 seconds of balancing a football on one foot.

Most Consecutive Penalty Goals in a Video Game

Fifa 12 is the subject of this record which saw 15 consecutive penalty goals scored in one match of the game. Matt Brown of Wilson, North Carolina completed this challenge in July 2012.

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Most Goals in a Game of Fifa

Another video game related record is for the highest number of goals scored in one match of Fifa 12 on an xbox 360. The challenge took place in May 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. Andre Crafford scored a whopping 279 goals in one match. Was his opponent asleep?

Most Consecutive Juggles with a Non-football Item

You don’t even need a ball to engage in some footy-related fun. The highest number of football juggles with a brussels sprout took place in Shrewsbury, England in December 2013. Jack Gough achieved 17 consecutive juggles with this small green veggie. Perhaps he is one of many who would rather do anything with sprouts than eat them.

Longest Ball Throw

Roald Bradstock of Atlanta, Georgia managed a colossal throw of 82 yards when he threw a soccer ball in January 2008. The record still stands if you think you can lob a ball further than that?

Biggest Penalty Shoot-Out With Kids

Sydney, Australia was the location for this event which saw 116 children involved in a penalty shoot-out. The record was part of an event by IGA Australia to promote future soccer stars. John Aloisi was the goal keeper at this fun shoot out in May 2014 and it made the record books too.

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