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Hiring and firing is an oft repeated term often mentioned with a sardonic twist. While firing is not a possibility that is considered usually, recruiting able employees often pose a problem for many business owners. Being able to motivate your employees and increase the productivity therein is no mean feat. A truly dedicated workforce deserves kudos and much more from their employers. However, a lot of employers try to save increasing their overheads by engaging a temp agency.

Well, getting a temporary employee on board does not mean that he should not have the requisite skills or a sense of loyalty for the company. Sadly, the task is not easy. Getting in touch with the best temp agency in town will no doubt help you to operate your business profitably. The consultants check the following points when trying to test the eligibility of a candidate.

  • Questions Matter – Do feel free to question the candidate thoroughly. You do not have to stick to his skill sets and expertise though. Any word about his background, past experiences, relationship with his previous employer, aspirations and future goals will prove to be invaluable in discovering more about his ambitions, character, friendliness or lack of it etc. Discerning all such traits will help you to discover the kind of person he is thereby giving you a valuable insight of his potential as an employee.
  • Potential – Do not remain fixed on your need for a temporary worker though. The temp agency professionals will definitely help you to find out the hidden potential of a candidate in the role of a permanent employee. Do remember to take note of his soft skills namely the way he communicates or ability to solve a problem instantly, his body language as well as his interpersonal skills. Being able to read him like a book will enable you to assess whether he deserves an opportunity to work for you albeit temporarily.
  • Old Employees- Yes, old is gold and the proverb holds true when you are thinking of taking in more employees. It might stand you in good stead to approach a temp agency for solving your dilemma. Do not forget that it is the old and trusted employees who have the power of making or breaking you. So avoid hiring someone with a negative characteristics and unwilling to mingle with the team at the office.
  • Background – Checking the background of a prospective employee is of paramount importance. Sure, there are numerous means of doing a background check. You can also hand over the task to an experienced temp agency personnel. While the varied documentation and references will provide you with an estimation of the candidate, you simply cannot afford to overlook the social media in this day and age. Check out his Facebook and Twitter profiles and learn about his behavior online. Remember that a person cannot hide his real safe for long even when online. So go ahead and feel free to reject him, if his social media posts reveal certain undesirable traits that could affect your customers adversely.

Keep the recommendations of the temp agency in mind and allow the candidate to question you thereby clearing his doubts about your company and his role in it. This would go a long way in gaining the trust of a prospective employee.

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