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Successful businesses need to do more now to enhance the in-shop customer experience if they are to grab shoppers’ attention. The problem is that as technology advances, people are becoming expert at deploying their own in-built filters to ignore many of these calls for attention. This is where digital sign board comes into its own, offering a cost-effective and successful way of not only enhancing your customer’s experience, but holding their interest also.

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Brand awareness

Digital signs enable companies to advertise things such as loyalty cards, promotions and discounts through cleverly placed sign boards. This is great for customers who might not have a lot of time to browse through every item on display, but want to know what is on offer and if it is relevant to them. The best way to do this is through exciting visuals targeting customers and making them feel as if the business is appealing to them specifically.

Make it stand out

With a digital sign, companies can advertise to their customers without them even realising it. Through the use of Quick Response coding customers can easily locate certain items and then be invited to log in on their phone. Once a customer has signed up to the firm’s webpage they can then receive updates, promotions and discounts adding even more to their shopping experience.

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Other things that firms can do with a digital sign are to include online reviews of certain brands. They can also use signage to give out expert advice on certain products or even advise customers on how they can enter into live chats with sales reps if they have questions that need answering. If a customer engages with a brand, they are more likely to use it again in the future.

Get to know your audience

According to 85% of people prefer to shop in physical stores. Different customers come at different times of the day. So the people shopping in the afternoon will be different from those shopping during the morning. The messages of your Digital Signage should reflect the difference of a shop’s customers.

With digital signs a shop can generate sales in-store at different times throughout the day via screens. These promotions, which are targeted specifically to certain customers, create a feeling of entitlement, making them more likely to come back.

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