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If you work in a warehouse and want to ensure that your employees are productive, you must make sure that the warehouse is kept clean. Warehouses are very large and as they have an open space layout, it is very easy for them to get messy.

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Here are a few tips to help you keep your warehouse clean.

Clean on the go

You should have a cleaning schedule to make sure that the warehouse is cleaned regularly, but it can also be useful to get employees to clean as they go; after all, mess can build up quickly. If you only clean the warehouse in the evenings, it could be quite messy in the afternoon. This may not seem like a big deal, but the mess can make your employees less productive; in addition, it makes it harder to do a proper clean later.

Use open shelves

It can also be useful to use open shelves – shelves without doors – so you can immediately see inside. Specialist warehouse providers such as recommend that you use heavy-duty industrial shelving Ireland to hold products, as this means employees can immediately see exactly what they are looking for. Open shelves also encourage employees to be well-organised, as everyone can see the contents on the shelf.

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Empty bins frequently

Overflowing bins can easily spill onto the floor, so make sure that you empty the bins in your warehouse before they get too full. This will help to reduce the number of spills and mess on the floor of the warehouse, which not only helps to keep things clean but also helps to prevent employee accidents.

Make sure cleaning supplies are accessible

Your employees won’t be able to keep the warehouse clean if they don’t have cleaning equipment, so make sure they know where the cleaning supplies are kept. This will encourage them to clean the warehouse, especially if the cleaning supplies are nearby.

Use your inventory

You can use an inventory to make sure that none of the stock in your warehouse sits around for a long time. This will reduce the amount of dust that gathers in the warehouse, so the air will be cleaner. It also means that you won’t be spending lots of money storing stock for months!


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