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The tiny but beautiful City-state of Monaco lies on the magical, majestic, magnificent, Mediterranean coastline of France.  Located on what’s known as The French Riviera, Monaco is famous for its large population of millionaires, casinos and of course The Grand prix.  Formula 1’s infamous and prestigious annual car race held on the streets of the City itself.  The race circuit takes six weeks to be constructed and three weeks to dismantle once the race has taken place.  The streets of Monaco are narrow and the race goes through tunnels, around tight, twisty corners and up and down hills.  If you’re interested in witnessing this incredible spectacle for yourself then perhaps F1 Hospitality Monaco or other companies could provide you with the answer to your accommodation and venue requirements. Do your research, check out  and other websites before you decide.

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The population of Monaco is mainly French and although the City only consists of an area 0.780 square miles it is the most densely populated Sovereign State in the World.  Prince Albert is head of State and he has great political power, huge economic developments have been made since the opening of the Country’s first casino.  The railway lines and services now running between Monaco and Paris have also had a massive influence on people travelling to and from France, Italy and Monaco.  The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo and there are plans in place to reclaim more land from the sea so that the ports can be extended to allow for the population to increase.

The hot-summers and subtropical climate in Monaco is conducive to its atmosphere of fun, wealth and playboy lifestyles.  The crystal clear turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea attracts the millionaires to bring their Super yachts to Monaco and the prestigious Monaco Yacht show remains the main event in the superyacht industry.

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Monte Carlo boasts the magnificent Prince’s palace, the grand, ornate Salle Garnier opera house, the Belle-epoque casino complex, luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and boutique shops.  There are many extraordinary gardens and green areas nestled amongst the incredible buildings including the Jardin Exotique de Monaco.  This stunning, beautiful botanical garden is located on a cliffside in Monaco, many of the plants found there were brought back from Mexico in the late 1860’s.  Situated on the Avenue Princess Grace and next to the Grimaldi Forum you will find a municipal park, 0.7 hectares in size called the Japanese Garden.  There you will discover a cascading waterfall, beautiful beach, a magnificent mountain, babbling brook and an incredible stylised Zen meditation garden.  Who wouldn’t want to come to such an incredible place like Monaco, fabulous fashion, casinos, millionaires, superyachts, blue sea and sunny climate.

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