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Spending the day being the captain of your tank will probably be reason enough for most people to jump at this opportunity. If you need a little more convincing however to spend a day feeling the exhilaration and power at your disposal, then here are some further compelling reasons to get in a tank as soon as possible:

  1. Feel the freedom

Where else can you let rip and go crazy with a machine this big and powerful? We are so used to driving carefully, abiding by the laws of the road that it can feel incredible to actually thunder around and cause (carefully curated) destruction and mayhem!

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2. Be different

If you’re looking for an experience that still raising eyebrows among friends, family and colleagues, then a Tank Driving day from certainly fits the bill. Most people into adventure and adrenalin have tried bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, race car driving and sky dives. Be different and the only person in the room who can say they drove a tank last weekend!

3. Liven up team building events

If you’re looking for something to engage bored employees, then unleash their competitive side and team bonding skills with a day of tank driving. Employees have done laser tag, paintballing, collaborative exercises and problem solving – give them something to really look forward to and engage in by putting them in tanks!

4. Bragging rights

Imagine the kudos you’ll have when you return to the workplace and tell everyone what you did at the weekend! How many other people will be able to say that they thundered around the countryside and felt like Godzilla? The closest most of your colleagues might have come is playing World of Tanks at home!

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5. Test yourself

You’ll amaze yourself when you push yourself to the limits and discover you have the ability to control a tank, to lead a team and make fast, tactical decisions. From a personal development point of view, you’ll increase your self-confidence, self-belief and feel proud at what you’ve achieved. This can benefit you in every area of your life, from improving work performance to tackling life problems.

6. It’s a lot of fun

Whether you’ve been fascinated by tanks since childhood or just want to try an activity you’ve never experienced before, driving a tank is tons of fun (literally). You’ll feel like you’ve taken giggle juice, won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face and wish you could do it all over again. Male, female, young or old – everyone should experience driving a tank at least once in their lifetime!

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