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If you’re looking to invest in new windows for your home, then you will need to decide between a sash or casement window. Both have advantages, but whichever you choose, always use the same design throughout your home.

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Your choice will be based on personal preference, but understanding the differences and comparing the two will help you decide.

The Difference

A casement window comes with hinges that allows it to swing open, and they often come in pairs which open away from one another, similar to double-doors. A casement window will also feature a crank handle which doubles as a window lock and ensures the window is locked in place when open.

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Sash Windows

Sash windows became very popular in the Georgian era and remained so well into Victorian times. Sash windows consist of one or more panels which slide on top of one another to create an opening. Most commonly, the panels move vertically, but horizontal-opening sash windows are available.

Companies such as have a wide selection of sash and casement windows to choose from. Victorian-inspired property is very much sought after.


A casement window is energy-efficient, as they come with a tight seal around the edges, although modern sash windows also have effective seals. They offer a contemporary look which is perfect for modern homes and are available in a range of materials and also offer greater security as the lock is embedded into the frame. If you are small, taller windows are easy to open and close, as you won’t need to reach to fully extend them as you would with a sash window. One of the biggest advantages of a casement window is that the large glass panels provide an unobstructed view, letting in the maximum amount of light.

The advantage of a sash window is that they are convenient when opening, especially if there is an obstruction in front of the window, such as a kitchen sink.

Sash windows also have fewer moving parts than a casement window so are less likely to malfunction and are the choice of homeowners who own traditional properties. Another advantage of sash windows is they don’t require any space outside the window to open, so if your home is built up against a wall, then sash windows will be your best option.

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