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In many homes, it’s the kitchen that is the heart of family life, so it deserves to look stylish and amazing from top to bottom. Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen can make all the difference to how it looks and how it feels, so if yours needs a bit of a makeover, take a look at these six exciting ideas for inspiration.

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1. Porcelain tiles

These are easy to clean and are designed to look like stone or granite for a rustic look, which can be enhanced by mixing up the sizes of tiles laid. The cool feel suits a warm kitchen designed in a traditional country style.

2. Paint the floor

If you have stripped back and sanded the floorboards in a very modern kitchen, an alternative to staining is paint. Whether you choose crisp white or something bolder, it’s easy to match your kitchen’s floor to your colour scheme.

3. Slate

Nothing screams natural and authentic like huge pieces of slate, with its naturally rough edges and uneven finishes. It’s smooth to walk on and easy to care for if you choose good-quality slate, which is quite expensive.

4. Laminate flooring

The most flexible and affordable option, modern laminate boasts designs that realistically mimic most other floor coverings. It’s also easy to clean and very comfortable if you are standing or walking on it a lot. An added bonus is that it doesn’t always need an expert to fit it. Specialist sellers such as offer a great range for you to browse through.

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5. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles come in such a good range of colours that it’s easy to find something you like that will complement your kitchen units and general colour scheme. Choosing two sympathetic shades is an easy way to add interest to a large floor space, or you could fly the flag for personal flair and go for something with a very vibrant pattern if that matches your kitchen style better. These tiles are generally water-resistant but can be easily damaged if they come into contact with a sharp object.

6. Wooden floors

Undoubtedly beautiful and a good long-term investment, wooden floors don’t do well in rooms with very high humidity. They can be an option for kitchens if they’re properly protected and any spills or stains are dealt with quickly.

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