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Display freezers are now commonplace in supermarkets. They enable customers to see all the products on offer and retrieve them without leaning into a deep freezer. Stand up display freezers also take up less room so they work better in slimmer aisles. When it comes to stacking your display freezers however, there are a number of considerations. These range from marketing and functionality to health, hygiene and good business practice. Read on to discover our top stacking tips for display freezers.

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Stock rotation

Stock rotation is always important, but on perishable food it’s even more so. Even frozen food should only be frozen for a limited time period so always stack from the back and bring older food forward. Stock rotation is good business practice and should be done for everything, whether you are selling garden spades or cream cheese.

Safe storage

In the unlikely event that some packaged meat leaks, which would mean it both defrosting and the packaging failing, it’s best to have it stored on the lower shelves of a freezer. This prevents meat juices dripping on to food below and causing potentially dangerous cross contamination. There are other key factors in safe freezer storage that aren’t necessarily to do with stacking but are worth knowing such as checking the temperature on a regular basis.

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Marketing tips

You want your freezers to look attractive so that means two things. First of all make sure they look tidy by appointing staff to go and check them periodically to tidy them up. Secondly, make sure your most visually attractive food is displayed at eye level, whilst less attractive looking packaging (i.e. value ranges) are stored lower or higher than eye level. Ensure that products with good promotions are also stored at eye level so customers can easily spot them and your promotion has the desired effect.

Customer ease

A display freezer, such as the ones found at, are designed with customer ease in mind. Long gone are the days of opening chest freezers or even leaning into deep fill freezers to find items. Stand up display fridges make life easier for your customers and anything that makes life easier for them, means profits for you.

These stacking tips will help make your display freezers look attractive whilst also ensuring good levels of food safety.

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