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Note: The Bachelor of Technology in Accounting is accepting applications for the element-time system only till December 30, 2016. This course qualifies as a prerequisite for entrance into the Chartered Qualified Accountant (CPA) Expert Education System (PEP) when completed in conjunction with ACCG 6210 Management Accounting – Extensive. Our undergraduate, MAcc, and PhD applications rank 8th, 7th and 9th, respectively, among public institutions, according to Public Accounting Report. The Accounting Accreditation Method is similar to the Business Accreditation Method, except it focuses on a school’s accounting programs. Internships at a law firm, a Massive-4 accounting firm and an executive mentor helped Dwayne Greene obtain beneficial practical experience.

The National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in its most up-to-date report indicates that Foster Accounting has the highest CPA pass rate in the State of Washington. Other topics covered involve accounting for foreign currency transactions, translation and consolidation of foreign currency financial statements, and accounting standards pertaining to not-for-profit and public sector organizations. In the United States, most accountants abide by the Commonly Accepted Accounting Principles.

In Alberta, the 3 Accounting Institutes are operating towards unification beneath the new Chartered Specialist Accounting (CPA) designation. Accounting faculty are award-winning teachers, work closely with students, and take a personal interest in their success. Courses are Financial Management, Functionality Management, Auditing and Assurance, Sophisticated Accounting and Accountability.

Accounting majors mainly adhere to a professional career by becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified General Accountant (CGA). As you progress by means of your research, the courses you will take will reflect the degree you are registered on, ie regardless of whether you are taking the Single or Combined Honours programme. In this way there is unity in all business accounting procedures to guarantee that there is unity and a clear understanding no matter what business is being monitored.

Our Accounting degree is strongly focused on developing you as a ‘business ready’ graduate: highly employable and capable as well as with the essential knowledge and capabilities needed by specialist accounting bodies. The undergraduate program primarily serves the region’s neighborhood college systems by delivering transfer students the opportunity to complete a four-year degree.

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