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Clean windows can really transform your home or commercial premises, but with so many tips, products and equipment available to help you get the job done, it can be difficult to know where to start – until now. To help you out, here are a few top methods to make bringing the gleam back to your glass as easy as possible.

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Whether you’re shining up your Dublin windows and doors or the glass in your London penthouse, newspaper is great for the job. Team it with an environmentally-friendly cleaning product and use it instead of paper towel before putting it into your recycle bin. Great for your glass and the environment.

Soap and water

Forget vinegar – it’s not as good as some ‘old wives’ would have you believe and instead plump for old-fashioned soap and water. Just remember to rinse well if you want a shine.

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Jeweller’s rouge

This isn’t the most common of tips but it really works, so if you accidentally get a scratch on your new windows and doors from the likes of, get your hands on some jeweller’s rouge. Combine with a little elbow grease and your glass can become as good as new once again. Simply wet your rouge and apply it to glass using a soft cloth. Rub and rub some more and eventually that scratch will begin to disappear.

Electric window cleaners

Electric appliances are abundant these days so pick up the likes of the Goodqol Cordless Window Cleaner to help you restore the shine with the minimum amount of mess, effort and fuss.

Window cleaner spray

These are far from revolutionary but they can really take the hard work out of cleaning your windows and doors. If you’re concerned about the planet, however, you may want to consider what products you choose. Read more about eco cleaning on the Guardian website at

Non-mechanical equipment

If you prefer a traditional approach to window cleaning but you still like the idea of reducing the amount of elbow grease needed or enabling you to get to those hard to reach areas, there is kit out there to help you out. You may want to consider a telescopic window cleaner, for example, or a simple squeegee will undoubtedly help with the job.

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