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Buying a used piano is not unlike buying a used car. Most are less expensive than their newer models, but you still have to do some homework to make sure that you are really getting something that is worth your money. Before you start looking for some good Boston piano dealers who specialize in used instruments, try to keep these questions in mind.

Why is the Piano Being Sold?

People sell pianos for all kinds of reasons, but you should be wary of those who are selling one because it’s taking up too much space or because they need the money. Chances are that they didn’t care much about keeping it in great condition, which means that you might have to spend some money to tune and recondition it.

How Often was the Piano Tuned?

Pianos are always going out of tune; that’s the nature of any wooden instrument that uses strings to produce a sound. A piano should be tuned at least every six months, and while you can certainly tune a piano that has sat longer than that, it could take a couple of visits from a piano tuner to get it playable again.

Where Was the Piano Stored?

Ideally, a piano should be stored at temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and at humidity levels of at least 50 percent. Beware pianos that were stored in basements or in storage units as those tend to be very harsh environments for any musical instrument.

How Often Was the Piano Played?

Pianos want to be played. They need to be played. That’s the point of a piano. Specifically, they should be played at least once a week to keep all of their moving parts in good shape. There is nothing wrong with buying a piano that has been played less frequently, but that might mean performing some additional maintenance on it, especially if there are any issues that have gone undiscovered during the instrument’s lack of use.

The biggest thing to remember when buying a musical instrument is that you get what you pay for. An old used piano can sound great, even better than something brand new, but keep in mind that anything that is too inexpensive might not be worth your money. Do plenty of research into Boston piano dealers near you, and good luck with your piano search.

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