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Summertime can be one of the best times to do craft projects. This can be fun for one, group projects or just an excuse to get together with friends on a warm summer evening tailor-made for creating. Summer months teem with events like graduations, weddings, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day which are always great occasions for something crafted from the heart. Being creative won’t break the bank if you go to and save up to 60% on select craft supplies.

For crafting beginners it’s best to start out with the basics of the craft that you want to pursue. Before we get to the fun part of picking out goods we need to decide on a craft. Don’t pick one just because your grandmother could do it or it looked fun in a movie. Hobbies and crafts need to be enjoyed otherwise, it would be called work. Try out a few different things to see what sticks. Your mother might’ve been an awesome artist but you, not so much. It might take a few things or a hundred things before you find your bailiwick. Don’t be afraid to explore beyond sewing, drawing, and knitting. Crafting is gaining in popularity and the numbers show it. In 2017, creatives spent 36.2 billion dollars in craft supplies.

Tips to Getting Your Craft On

Before spending hard earned money by going all in on a craft or hobby do your research. Ensure that the craft fits your life and you. To be sure look at time, materials, and skill level. Make sure you have the time required to commit to a craft especially if is one where a group meets at certain times. Know what it’s going to cost to do the craft you’ve chosen and how accessible your materials are. Since the invention of the internet, this criterion is an easy one. With some crafts, a certain finesse may be required. Some skills can be learned, others just have to come naturally to truly enjoy it. It’s best to find out the skill level of your craft. Of US households in the last year, 63% said they participated in some kind of crafting. So don’t give up you’re in good company.

Now, you’ve narrowed it down but you’re still not sure. Pick three top choices and take a lesson or a class. A lot of times the community college or high schools will have continuing education courses in the evenings for craft enthusiasts. The local craft stores should also have a schedule of different classes to take or a board of people offering lessons privately. In any case, you might be able to buy just a few items to get started and follow along online. When you’ve finally decided then go get your supplies. Start with an organizational or storage item that will make accessing your supplies and keeping them clean much easier. This actually is a big help in sticking with your newly acquired craft. It takes time out of an activity that’s supposed to be enjoyable to hunt for your crafting supplies every time you want to use them.


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